How to create multiple ad sets at once

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If you want to quickly create different ad sets, you’re in luck. Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager have a handy ad creation tool that allows you to create multiple variations of ad sets at the same time.

This means that you can create multiple ad sets with different variations of Custom audiences, Locations and Age segments all within the same ad campaign.

How to create multiple ad sets at once

1. Open your Ads Manager or Power Editor and click +Create Campaign.

Note: Facebook may offer you Guided Creation.

2. After you have selected Campaign Objective, you’ll advance to the Ad Set tab.

3. Once you’re in Ad Set tab select Create Multiple New Ad Sets from the drop down menu at the top of the screen.

4. In the Audience section, you’ll be able to add audience, locations and age range variations you wish to target in each ad set.

Every different variation added will create additional ad set. If you add 2 location variations and 2 custom audience variations — 4 ad sets will be created. By adding 2 more age range variations you’ll create the total of 8 ad sets and so on. In this specific case, we have 2 location and 4 age range variations.

Once your audiences have been set up, choose your placements and optimization settings in the Placements and Optimization & Delivery sections just like you create regular ad sets.

5. One more important difference is in Distribution model. Multiple ad set creation offers;

Even distribution — Allocates the same amount of money to each ad set you create.
Balanced distribution — Optimizes for audience size. This means that ad sets with larger audience sizes will use more of your budget and the one with smaller audience sizes will use less of your budget.

Total budget options didn’t change — pick between daily and lifetime budget.

6. Click Review Ad Sets to make sure you’ve set them up correctly. If everything’s good click Continue to create the ad that will be associated with your ad sets.

Multiple ad set creation uses same auction principles and algorithms as regular ad set creation.

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