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Where To Log In To Your Divi WordPress Account.

I’ve created a simple walkthrough so you can always find your login details.  If you can’t remember your password, there is a button to reset right underneath the white box.

For those of us who like text to follow along, here is a transcription of the video above.

Hi there!

When you want to access the backend of your WordPress Divi site or any WordPress site. You are going to enter your URL and then you’re going to add a slash WP dash login or admin. I usually just put admin and then it automatically forwards here.

Example: yourwebsitedomain.com/wp-admin.

Now you are at the sign-in page. You’re going to put your username and your password, and then you’re going to hit login. And it’s going to bring you to a screen like this.

See video above ^

And this is where you control the backend of your Divi site or your WordPress site. So posts can go here, all the pages that you might have are going to be here.

If you are monitoring Comments on your blog, they’re going to be here. The Appearance section is an area that if you are doing it yourself, you’re going to use. 

You can adjust a number of things here: 

  • Themes,
  • Colors,
  • Widgets
  • Menu,
  • As well as others.

WordPress Updates Are Important

If somebody else is managing your website for you, you are not going to go into this at all. But if you are taking care of it all yourself, then you need to make sure updates are taken care of.  These included:

  • WordPress itself,
  • Plugins,
  • and Themes.

You’re going to see periodically a little icon on the top that indicates there are updates waiting.  Mine are all currently up to date, so I can’t show you right now. But it’ll be a little icon on the top and it will indicate that there are one, three, five updates that need to be done.

User Controls

When you see the icon, you can click on it and it will take you to the update page and tell you what is required. Obviously here, everything is up to date.

  • WordPress is up to date.
  • The themes are up to date.
  • The plugins are up to date.

If there was one that had changed and needed updating, it’ll be here (see video for location) and you’ll be able to update from that particular spot

The users for your site are all controlled here:

  • Who they are,
  • What access they have to the various tools.

Again, if you are managing it yourself, you may have some elements here you’ll need to dive into.

But for the most part, this is not something that you’re going to go into, ie the settings in the various elements that you might have.

So this is basically where you are going to control your site from an admin perspective. And we’ll dive into some of the various pieces as we go forward.


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