Email Marketing 101: Segmenting Your Email Lists

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Email Marketing is a Foundational Part of Your Strategy

In the early days of email marketing, sending out a single email to every customer on your list was a great way to share new information, highlight new products or sales, and even get new customers. Today’s customers, however, don’t want the same, generic email you’re sending out to everyone. They’re looking for personalization in your efforts. One great way to accomplish that? Create segmented email lists based on the individual needs of your customers.

Email Marketing and the Buyer’s Journey

As customers move through the buyer’s journey, the information they’re interested in receiving from your company changes. Customers early in the process, for example, might like more information about your general services or products and how they can benefit them, while customers who have moved further and are ready to make a purchase will benefit more from coupons and special offers that will encourage them to make that purchase. Creating automated emails that are triggered by specific customer actions is a great way to ensure that you’re providing customers with the information they need at each stage of that journey.

Examine Your Buyer Personas

What is it that your buyers actually want when they visit your website? Make sure you’re familiar with all the buyer personas and create emails that speak to them. For example, Persona A–a woman with small children–may have very different needs from an athletic supply store than Person B, a single man in his 20’s. By dividing your email lists according to buyer personas, you can offer more effective marketing that speaks directly to each customer.

Check Your Geographic Area

There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than opening an email, getting excited about a promotion, and then discovering that their local store isn’t honoring it–or worse, doesn’t even have the item in question. By segmenting your email lists by geographic area, you can create specific emails that are geared toward individuals in that area. That means that when they head to the store, they’ll be able to enjoy the promotion or item they were anticipating, not leave disappointed.

Segmenting your email lists is an ongoing process.

Depending on the size of your customer database, you may have a very large number of lists or a handful of clearly-defined ones. By segmenting those lists, however, you can substantially improve the way you interact with your customers, increase click-through rates, and raise email conversions.

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