7 Must-Have Online Business Tools

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Today I want to share with you the top seven tools that I use on a daily basis. These have helped me organize my tasks and team, manage social media platforms, nurture my list to keep the cash flowing and set up my first blog to drive traffic to my site and engage with my audience.

I hope the list below will help you improve your processes and help you manage your online business.



I know, WordPress has been around for a long time. But it is a great tool to create your very first website if you don’t have one. There are plenty of templates that allow you to set up a simple, clean and modern looking page to start your online presence. Plus, the most important feature of all, the blog. You can start blogging for free and start attracting new leads for your business.

If you never worked with a content management tool before, WordPress is very user-friendly and has a huge community that provides great support resources and advice. So you have your back covered.


If you are going to attract people to your site, the better if you gather their information and create a list of qualified leads. That’s when Active Campaign comes into play.
This email marketing tool is great for email automation and conversion funnels. Active Campaign gives you complete control over your users and their activity and behavior. You can track how they respond to your messages and move them from one to another email sequence making sure they will always receive information according to their interests. The best way to send the right message, at the right time to the right person.




When creating community and engaging with your audience, you may be using social networks. Buffer is a friendly and simple online app that you can use to organize and plan your social media content, schedule your posts during the week in each social network, and track the performance of your content to improve your content strategy and keep surprising your audience with appealing stories.


You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful compositions for your blog, social media or website. Canva is an online tool with a huge template library with most commonly used sizes for web assets. You just have to select the template you like the most, drag and drop your images and tweak the text to make sure your message is adequate. Easy, Simple and ready to publish on your digital channels.


Either if you manage a team or you’re working solo, Asana is a great project management tool to keep track of all your projects. It allows you to break up a task into subtasks, assign team members, set up due dates and upload files.

This tool is great if you’re freelancing, as it will allow you to keep the conversation around a topic or task save in Asana, so you and your client can always check the historical record in case of confusion.

Plus it allows you to track the time you spend working on every project, so you can improve how you manage your time.



Unlike other group call and video call apps, zoom allows you to record your meeting and share your screen, making easier remote client meetings and trainings.  Zoom also synchronizes with your calendar, so anytime you set up a meeting, you and your guests have a link that’s accessible to everyone, even those who doesn’t have a zoom account.


Proposify is very useful for client proposals and contracts. You already have a gallery of templates that you can use for most common creative services such as web design, marketing or branding. You just have to tweak the message, the pricing and the scope of the project and, done! Your proposal is ready to be sent.

I hope these tools help you increase efficiency in your processes and make your business more profitable.


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