SEO Content Tool: A Frase Review

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Online Tools

At ThinkFlame, we use a variety of SEO tools to optimize and manage content for our clients. Creating content can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in digital marketing. One of our top choices when it comes to choosing an SEO tool for drafting and researching content is Frase. It is a huge time saver. We began using Frase over a year ago and have written multiple pieces of content every week. After regularly using the Frase tools for over a year, we are confident sharing our experiences and thoughts on it. Frase helps us to build our content plan, structured our writing, and SEO content optimization for the best results. 

I want to outline the features we commonly use and how they help in generating high-ranking optimized content for our website and our clients. I hope this Frase review helps you understand what Frase is fundamentally and how its tools lend to improving your content rankings and quality. After which, we will give our personal opinions and thoughts on Frase. 

What is Frase?

Frase is a content-focused SEO tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate content briefs and summaries, find keyword gaps, and find content your target audience is actively looking for. Frase is one of the first of its kind to combine the advantages of improved artificial intelligence into an SEO content creation process. 

Frase began in 2016. Since then, the tool has been growing in popularity and complexity as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. The AI works by scanning the internet for other competitive content for a chosen keyword. This knowledge is invaluable when trying to write content that can surpass the information currently ranked. Utilizing all the features of this amazing tool can give you the best possible chances of reaching the first page results for your desired keyword.

Features of Frase

Frase has many unique and powerful writing tools at the user’s disposal. These excellent features help in all steps of the content creation process from research to content optimization. Frase features include:

  • Topic/Keyword Research Tool
  • AI-generated Content
  • Content Optimization Tools
  • Helpful Archive and Customer Support

All of these features culminate in a great SEO tool anyone can use to save time in creating high-quality content. 

Topic/Keyword Research Tool

Researching can be the most tedious step of content writing, sometimes taking as much time as writing itself. Not with Frase! Frase takes a fraction of the time to pull and organize other content related to your designated keyword from all across the internet based on a Google search. The research gives you an insight into identifying questions asked by your target audience, SERP metrics of competing articles, and the content score of other related articles. 

What is my Audience Asking?

Frase answers the question: What information or content is my audience asking for? Frase searches and compiles a list of commonly asked questions related to your search term. Frase will analyze the questions people also ask on Reddit, autocompletion search queries, and other sites designed to answer relevant questions to give you the best understanding of what topics have the highest monthly search volume.

Answering this list of questions can give relevant content ideas to increase the user experience. User experience is always a high priority so making sure content creators are creating quality content with the user intent in mind will give you the best possible content for your site.

SERP Metrics

On top of helping research the most searched-for topics, Frase reviews the articles ranking for your target keyword and generates SERP metrics. These SERP metrics identify:

  • Average Word Count
  • Number of Headers
  • Number of Links
  • Average Number of Images Used

These metrics assist you in competitor analysis while planning your content to understand what it will take to truly compete for the keyword phrases for which you are creating content. Having this knowledge during the planning stage is invaluable while creating your content outline. Planning is always the most crucial part of the content creation process. Having all the information ahead of time gives you all the more advantages. 

AI-Generated Content

The AI-powered tools of Frase are truly amazing. You can use the AI writer for anything from creating an outline to generating detailed content briefs and summaries. These features can save you immense amounts of time and allow you to focus on generating the strongest piece of content possible. 

Frase AI uses a point system when accessing these AI writing features which are included with your basic plan. Each piece of AI writing will use a portion of these points. Managing your allotted currency for these tasks is up to the user, so use them wisely or upgrade your basic plan for increased usage. 

Content Optimization Tools

Optimizing your content grows ever more important as search engines advance in complexity. Making sure your content is fully optimized helps you compete with the highest-ranking articles. Search rankings can have massive implications for your organic traffic and Frase is here to help. The aforementioned SERP metrics paired with content scoring from Frase give you a competitive edge by using the knowledge Frase lays out for you to take advantage of.

Topic Scores

Content scoring is the accumulation of keywords used in all the content Frase locates. This information is automatically gathered during the research phase previously discussed. Frase will use this information to score your content as you write to give you a visual numeric SEO score as to how you stand when it comes to including keywords based on Google search console information. The information here is used later in the writing process to make sure your content is optimized to the best of your ability and void of content gaps.

Frase Integrations

To Make your life a little easier, Frase has built-in partnerships with the following:

  • Enabling the Google Docs Add-on.
  • Frase Summarizer – Chrome Extension.
  • Google Search Console Integration.
  • WordPress Integration.

Helpful Archive and Customer Support

Frase offers an archive of common questions for easy access to answers you might desire. This archive offers a 24/7 way to find answers quickly. for questions that could not be answered by the archive. Frase offers an active chat or responsive contact email. Live chat support is offered Monday through Friday during normal business hours, Eastern Standard Time. The general turnaround for questions submitted via email is one business day.

So Our experience with Frase?

All of these features sound well and good, but how do they translate to the user experience? From our experience, Frase has been a vital asset in our content research and content creation. We have created dozens of blogs taking full advantage of Frase’s features. The amount of time saved is immeasurable. Whether it be cutting research time or using AI to assist in writing a portion of the content you might struggle with, Frase is worth the investment and your attention.

Frase is not perfect and has its own unique negatives.

The Frase AI writing feature is tied to a currency associated with your pricing plan. This can limit your ability to take full advantage of this feature. The help archive can be limited in the questions you can answer. With our questions in the past, contacting customer support has proven to be much easier to answer more specific questions that we could not find answers for in the archive. While the customer service turnaround is prompt, a more detailed archive could alleviate some of your questions.

So should you get Frase? We love it and definitely recommend it.

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