WordPress 101- Setting Up Your First Website

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How to Create a WordPress Site

These step-by-step instructions will help you build a functional WordPress site, especially if you have no experience whatsoever in web design. It’s quite easy to make a website nowadays even without a proper understanding of HTML or CSS coding.

WordPress currently owns hundreds of custom web templates and SEO friendly plugins to boot. It has well-protected security measures making it perfect for small businesses.

Not all WordPress are the same

1. First of all, do not confuse WordPress.com with WordPress.org. They may have similar-sounding names but differ in the type of hosting provided. (A more in-depth explanation is given here.) Of course, this depends on if you’re interested in starting an online business or a personal blog.

Are you more concerned with the flexibility and control you’ll have in customizing your website? Then you should start with WordPress.org because it is an open-source platform where you only have to register a domain and web hosting to begin.

 You’re going to need hosting

2. The most straightforward way to set up a WordPress site is to sign-up with one of their hosting partners. (i.e. Bluehost, DreamHost, or SiteGround.)

This is a direct installation package which comes with a free domain and SSL certificate. Be mindful of which plan you are choosing as this affects the number of websites you are allowed to make and how much space your blog can take up.

The alternative option is to install WordPress yourself. Just go to their official site and follow the long-winded instructions. Good luck trying to understand how to access your FTP client for it will be overwhelming the first time.

Choose your domain name wisely

3. Now, you are ready to pick a domain name. You could either create a new domain or enter one that has already been registered. Try to keep it brief, as in, easy to remember. Also, make sure it accurately represents your business idea.

The last thing you need to do is fill out your account information. To save money on your service plan, avoid any unnecessary add-ons except for Domain Privacy which protects your personal information online. Find the WordPress theme that suits your preference and you’re all set!

The next step is to choose your niche as this will determine the overall impression of your website. A niche is defined as an interesting hobby, a professional field, or something that you are truly passionate about.


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