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How do I create a Meta Pixel?

How do I create a Meta Pixel?

Let's start by making sure that you can access the Business Manager Account. It is important to verify that you are the admin. Also, you can create a new account. It should be noted that there are still multiple views currently active for Business Manager so if the...

Blogging 101: The Power of a Plan

Blogging 101: The Power of a Plan

Blogging is a powerful and authority building tool So, you've identified your passion, weighed your options, and decided to start a blog. Whether it is personal or business-related, identifying a plan for your blog is part of its long-term success. Blogging is a large...

Overwhelmed by what Digital Marketing requires?

Digital Marketing has SO MANY different aspects that it can be paralyzing to someone getting started or looking to grow their current business.

 There are so many pieces to the Digital Marketing puzzle. DIY Marketing is here to help you organize your online strategy, time management, and surpass your annual business growth goals!


What's the point of a blog?

Blogging service a number of purposes.  First and foremost, it highlights your knowledge and the value you share with your readers. 

Strong content in your blog also helps people find your website through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and when they read content that helps them, they come back as leads and that can translate into new customers.

Do small, local businesses need digital marketing?

Definitely!  While off & online marketing can be complicated, you can start marketing online with a very small budget and still reach your ideal customers.

When can I stop working on SEO?

SEO is an ongoing task in your business to keep up your ranking and search.  Just like maintaining your offline office, you need to keep your online business fresh and relevant.

Is email marketing still effective?

Yes!  Email is still one of the most effective and simple ways to reach your current and potential customers.

What are the best tools to get started?

There are many great tools out there, but it can be confusing.  We’ve created a list of some of our favourite resources here.

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